The Amber Winds by Txikimorin
Nabooru by Jujulica
nabooru by bunnybitchtits
Nabooru - Ocarina of Time WIP by bratchny
Cosplay, Nabooru by devianiac
Nabooru: Desert Queen by cerasly
Nabooru is Back by JustNivi
Desert Lovers Nabooru and Sheik by cerasly
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Craig Mullins. Without a doubt Craig Mullins has to be one of the best known digital artists of our age. His fusion of traditional/digital methods, thinking, and paint application have inspired and impressed artists all around the world. I go back every so often to look at his website. I know i’ve seen each and every painting already, but it always feels like a new experience because I keep noticing more of his genius each time.

Mullins has a website with a large collection of his work. Check it out, even if you already have.


Original Princess Zelda Gown by Lillyxandra


"You’d better hide~"

This is lovely
triangle titties

"It’s nice to see characters who still care about each other, whether or not they figure out that in the long term it’s meant to be. Who knows."

- Janet Varney (via IGN interview )

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